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Janurary 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

January 1, 2020

Dear members and friends of the PCBA,

Happy New Year!

I'm thrilled to be joining you today, January 1, as your new president of PCBA. I shared with you how privileged I am to be participating in this role. Your strengths and cultural generosities give me even more enthusiasm for what lies ahead at the PCBA. And, more broadly, for the position of supporting the schools and the community.

When I met with the members in the past, I reminded them that one of the qualities that distinguish the PCBA is our diversity. The many differences among us are one of the greatest assets, as we can learn so much from each other.

I count you, our family members, as an essential piece of our collegial community. No matter your field or your PCBA experience, you provide a valuable perspective into our organization's past and future. You have the unique opportunity who walk the same path as our board of directors to contribute to our collective mission. We welcome your thoughts and presence at our community events, and the impact you can have on our community is enormous. I appreciate you devoting your time, energy, and resources to helping our directors of the future as they navigate their goals to achieve.

Constructive criticism is particularly important to me: It is so extraordinary that we enable directors to join you in conversations about our future growth. We learn as much from each other, especially when we engage in a dialogue that puts connection and trust at the forefront. What I have learned in my past years as a volunteer is that this position involves a good deal of active listening and learning; please know that I am here to listen to you.

I look forward to building a relationship and connecting with you in the years to come.

I relish being part of our collective future, and most importantly, I'm inspired as I anticipate working with all of you to improve lives.






新年快樂! 並祝願大家身體健康。

踏入二零二零年一月一日,今天,我非常高興能夠成為美國華聯商會主席。藉此與大家分享我對 於擔任此職位的喜悅。你們的卓越能力及善心慷慨,推動我對未來的展望充滿熱誠。更希望能夠 繼續為學校及社區,作出更多的支持。

以往,當我與會員會面時,常提及到美國華聯商會之所以與衆不同, 就是我們的多元化,以及不同 的聲音及思維。這些已成為美國華聯商會最有價值的資產。我們從中互相學習,這一切對會務均 有莫大裨益。

我已將你們視作為大家庭的一份子,亦是我們社區不可或缺的一部份。無論你是來自任何領域, 或是在美國華聯商會有豐富的會務經驗,都感謝你們在過去或將來,為商會提供更多寶貴意見。 董事局成員將與你們攜手同行,共同努力為使命作出貢獻。我更期待及歡迎大家,為社區活動提 出寶貴意見及參與。我相信,這將會對我們的社區有正面及巨大的影響。 同時,我非常感謝大家所付出的時間、精力及資源。此等無私付出,令到各位董事對未來的目標 ,將更堅定、更自信地邁步向前。

我亦重視有建設性的批評,這能夠推動大家與董事們通過對話及討論,加強溝通,將有助商會在 未來的健康發展。我相信,當大家通過緊密合作及將信任放於首位,大家便可以互相學習,獲益 良多。

在我過去數年當義工的體驗中,深切領會到積極聆聽及學習的重要性。所以,請你知道,我願意 在此聆聽你的聲音及意見。


最後,我很高興能夠成為團隊的成員,將與大家共同努力,令生活及社區變得更美好。 對此,我深感榮幸及鼓舞。



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