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Our Philosophy

  • Stand with the society to make change

  • Bridging the public sector with the community to meet needs

  • Fostering life quality enhancement



  • Assist citizen to pave the dreamed paths, strategize to execute, and contribute to the society



  • Assist donors in achieving philanthropic goals and maximizing charitable impact over time

  • Ensure donation is used for the cause

  • Galvanize the principles of reliability, transparency, and integrity




  • Promote diverse cultures to the community.

  • Assisting new business to chase dreams.

  • Entrepreneurship coaching for successful business

  • Find talent with leadership




  • Fundraise to support local schools and community to make a difference

  • Partner with Government and CBOs to assist small business

  • A commitment to openness, wide-reaching, engagement, and access for everyone

  • Increase charitable giving by offering advantageous ways to donate, transparent information, and unbiassed guidance

  • Foster a steady stream of citizens committed to living a contributive life


Community Outreach

COVID-19 - dropping off care packages for front line workers, relief fund outreach to local businesses


COLU (Choose Local): an app designed to empower people who live and work in San Mateo County to shop local and invest in independent businesses that create local jobs and economic vitality


Foodware Aware - a program that helps food facilities make the transition away from plastics and reduce foodware waste

Further Education (Start Smart Class): Teach small businesses in Cantonese for better practices in California, along with individual business consultations with class participants


We offer students a variety of scholarship opportunities

Encouragement Scholarship: To award senior students with a passion for serving the community


S.T.E.A.M. Initiate: Award to the students building 360 competencies in life balance


Hosting annual fundraising galas for the local community

  Annual fundraiser gala


Member's reunion annual general meeting


San Mateo County elementary student painting context


Small group social/business networking

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